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~ Sunday, January 15 ~

where to begin…

hmm. the hardest part i guess. how to start this thing. ill start with a bit about me, and the type of stuff i hope to fill this blog with.

firstly, my name is dave, i love music. all types. ive been playing (bass and guitar) in indie bands for the last 14 years or so, and was a bedroom dj before then.  by day, im an internet marketer, and am heavily interested in technology and the emerging marketing trends, technology, etc.

playing in fully DIY music projects, its been amazing to see all of the exciting tools which help artists market themselves in an easy way, share their music, and connect with their fans. im a very active user in a handful of these tools (which i love) and will share my experiences in coming posts. in my spare time,  i actively follow the trends, looking for new tools and new ways to share music, discover music, and ways that these tools are connecting fans and artists together. its interesting how similar these new tools go hand in hand with my day job, even though its for a different industry all together.

so, my goals for this here blog

  • discuss music (share songs i like, encourage you to share yours),
  • discuss music technology and the tools associated, including real world examples and use cases. share feedback from my own experiences, invite friends to share theirs, and you to share yours.
  • discuss other stuff, whatever comes up.
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